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Artificial leaf could be a new source of energy 0

Artificial leaf could be a new source of energy

  Researchers at the center of the BIS-fuel (Bio-Inspired Solar Fuel Production) developing a very remarkable invention. Created artificial leaf, wherein the reactions related to photosynthesis, but separated in them not only oxygen, but...

Polyoma viruses. Coloured transmission electron micrograph (TEM) of polyoma  
viruses. These simian (monkey) viruses (SV40) are a type of papovavirus. Under  
laboratory conditions they can cause the development of tumours in mice.   
Magnification unknown. 0

Polio returns?

  New infectious disease, whose symptoms are similar to polio attack in California for at least five children – have announced researchers from Stanford University. The researchers point out that so far, these cases...

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Women can see more colors

  The world in the eyes of women is far more colorful than that of men. According to the researchers it is the result of evolution. Men’s eye never so much as women do...